NetSim Emulator

NOTE: Emulator will be featured in NetSim only if license for Emulator Add-on is available


A network simulator mimics the behavior of networks but cannot connect to real networks. NetSim Emulator enables users to connect NetSim simulator to real hardware and interact with live applications.

Simulating and Analyzing Emulation Examples#

To simulate the different types of Emulations Examples such as PING (both one-way and two-way communications), Video (one-way communication), File transfer using FileZilla, Skype etc.

  1. Refer to the Emulation Technology Library document, which explains the following:

    i. Introduction to Emulation.

    ii. How to set up and configure Emulation Server in NetSim

    iii. NetSim Emulation Features with added examples

    iv. Latest FAQs

  2. To access the Emulation Technology Library document,

    i. You can access from the Technology Libraries link present under Documentation in NetSim Homescreen

    ii. From the Help Menu inside the design window, choose Technology Libraries Manuals à Emulation.