Open NetSim and Select Examples->Mobile Adhoc Networks->Multiple MANETs then click on the tile in the middle panel to load the example as shown in below screenshot


Multiple MANETs allows users to interconnect two or more MANETs using a bridge node. Click and drop Wireless nodes, Adhoc linksand Bridge Node onto the grid environment and connect Wireless Nodes to Adhoc links to form two different MANET’s using Adhoc links. Further connect the two MANET’s using a bridge node as shown below Figure


Settings done in the Network#

  1. Grid length: 500m*500m.
  2. Configure CBR application from Wireless_Node_1 to Wireless_Node_3 with Transport Protocol to UDP in Application Properties.
  3. Set AODV routing protocol under network layer properties in all nodes.
  4. The Medium Access Protocol was set to DCF in Interface (Wireless)-> Datalink layer of all wireless nodes and Bridge Node (Interface_1 and Interface_2).
  5. Enable Packet Trace.
  6. In NetSim GUI Plots are Enabled.
  7. Run simulation for 10 seconds.


After simulation, open packet trace and filter CONTROL_PACKET_TYPE/APP_NAME to App1_CBR. In the below screenshot, users can observe that the packets from Source Node-1 are going to Destination Node-3 via Bridge Node-5.