PING (One way Communication)


Steps at Emulation Server#

  1. Run NetSim in Administrative Mode and create a basic network Scenario in any stack based protocol (Any network except Legacy Networks, Wireless Sensor Network, and Cellular Network) in NetSim. Screenshot of a sample scenario in Internetworks is shown below Figure
    • Go to Properties of Link1 and Link2 and set Uplink and Downlink Delay to 5000µs. Click on the Application icon present on the ribbon and set properties.
    • In the Application Type select Emulation.
    • Select Source and Destination ID according to the network scenario and change the Source and Destination IP address according to the IP address of the real system. Figure4-3
  2. Provide the Simulation Time as how long you want the Emulation to be performed. Make sure client system(s) are ready and then click Run Simulation.

Steps at Source PC#

  • Before running simulation, start pinging the Destination from Source using command “ping <Destination_IP> –t” and note down the time duration.
  • Follow steps as provided before in “Emulation Set-up: Setting up the NetSim Client”.
  • Perform the steps at Emulation Server as provided and simulate. During simulation, ping the destination system. You will notice that the present time duration is higher than the earlier ping results. This is because the network created in NetSim has link propagation delay. Also, Wireshark (if installed) will automatically start capturing the packets as soon as Emulation Server starts simulation.
    (NOTE: In case if no ping messages can be sent from source to destination, disable windows firewall and try again.)
  • The impact of the link propagation delay in NetSim Emulator is seen on a real packet.