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Software Defined Networks


NetSim V11 now has Software Defined Network (SDN) simulations with SDN Controller and Open flow compatibility module. This module features an SDN controller which can be used to control packet forwarding of all Layer 3 devices in the Network.

SDN module is currently available for networks such as Internetworks, WSN/IoT, MANETs, VANETs and LTE.

With this module, any layer 3 device such as a Router, L3 Switch, Wired/Wireless Nodes, Sensors, Gateway’s etc can be configured to be a SDN Controller.

How does a software-defined network work?

Software-defined networking (SDN) is designed to make a network flexible and agile. Network intelligence is logically centralized through SDN controllers. SDN controllers are the brains of the network, offering a centralized view of the overall network.

NetSim SDN is Open Flow Compatible. OpenFlow is an open interface for remotely controlling the forwarding tables in network switches, routers, and access points. Upon this low-level primitive, researchers can build networks with new high-level properties.

In NetSim v11 each device has a console associated with it. NetSim allows users to interact with the simulation at runtime via

  • A socket using this console during the simulation or
  • Through a file input provided prior to the simulation.

SDN supports various networking commands to control simulation, routing, Access Control etc which can be executed in the controller command line during the simulation. It can be utilized to perform various tasks such as custom forwarding – Modifying the device parameters to handle IP forwarding, for adding firewall capabilities to devices etc.

The SDN controller features a command line interface through which users can configure the forwarding table of different devices

NetSim SDN Controller can control Layer 3 devices given below

  1. Internetworks – Nodes (Wired Node and Wireless Node), L3 Switches, Routers
  2. WSN / IOT - Sensors and Gateway (Sink Node in WSN, LowPAN Gateway in IoT)
  3. VANETs (Roadside unit will have the SDN controller) - VANET nodes
  4. MANETs - MANET Nodes (Wireless Nodes)
  5. LTE - LTE MME

SDN Supported Networking Commands in NetSim

  1. Commands Simulation specific
    • Pause
    • PauseAt
    • Continue
    • Stop
    • Exit
    • Reconnect
  2. Route Commands
    • route add
    • route print
    • route delete
  3. Ping Command
    • ping
  4. ACL Configuration Commands
    • ACL Enable
    • ACL Disable
    • ACL Print
    • ACL Config
SDN Controller Configuration: SDN Controller Configuration
Example: Router_7 SDN Controller Example: Router_7 SDN Controller
Router: Application layer Router: Application layer
SDN Commands Execution: SDN Commands Execution
SDN Commands Execution: SDN Commands Execution
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