TETCOS Releases NetSim v7.1

TETCOS is pleased to announce the latest release of Network Simulation Software, NetSim v7.1, which comes with several exciting features including:
  • Network Emulator add-on module
    • Allows you to connect real systems running live applications to the emulator
    • Application traffic is transmitted through the simulator and real metrics are calculated
  • Packet animator
    • Animates packet flow over wired and wireless links
    • Color variation for control, data and error packets
    • Play, pause and speed controls and node movement
  • MANET – AoDV protocol per IETF RFC 3561
  • 802.11 n and 802.11 e additions to the existing W-LAN suite of 11 a, b and g
    • Phy channel models with pathloss shadowing & fading, power and BER models
    • MAC throughput of upto 600 Mbps
    • OFDM transmission type and MIMO antennas
    • Four spatial streams
  • Special NetSim code utilities are shipped along with with necessary help and config files for:
    • Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH) with inter and intra clustering routing for Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Node failure and reliability in MANETs
    • Spectrum Management in Cognitive Radio Networks

TETCOS Releases NetSim v7

TETCOS is pleased to announce the latest release of Network Simulation Software, NetSim v7, which comes with several exciting features including:

  • Cognitive Radio per IEEE 802.22
    • MAC Layer Control plane: TDD, Super Frame, DS-MAP, US-MAP, BW Request, Quiet Period, and Normal mode operation
    • MAC Layer Cognitive plane: Spectrum manager, Spectrum sensing function, Spectrum sensing automaton, Channel Modes
    • PHY layer: OFDMA
    • Incumbent model with incumbent detection and channel switching
  • Internetworks with combined LAN, WAN and Wireless modeling
    • Phy channel models with pathloss shadowing & fading, Power models and BER models in L1
    • Ethernet Switching, WLAN (802.11 a, b and g) in L2
    • IP, Queue Scheduling in L3
    • TCP, UDP in L4
    • RIP, OSPF Routing modules with Video, Voice, FTP, DB and Custom Traffic in L5
  • NetSim Command Line Interface (CLI)
    • Use a more concise and powerful means of control
    • Run batch simulations with automated scripts
    • Model via xml based config fil

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Network Stack

NetSim v7 features a virtual implementation of the protocol stack thereby providing closer to real world modeling and analysis capability. The network stack features an in-built config file parser, error handler, config error logger, memory manager, metrics module and modularized in IN and OUT events for layered protocol implementation.

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Please contact us for more information about functionality or pricing, or to arrange a demonstration.e

TETCOS Releases NetSim v 6.2

TETCOS is pleased to announce the latest release of Network Simulation Software, NetSim ver 6.2, which comes with several new and exciting features. Given below is a quick snapshot:

All new license roaming

Increasingly, users want to take their work “on the road.” NetSim now provides built-in license roaming capability allowing users to check out a license from a server, physically disconnect from the server and continue to use the license for a period of 24 hours after which the license is automatically returned to the server when it expires on the mobile computer.

Additional platforms and java language support

v 6.2 has been tested on 32 and 64 bit Win OS: XP, Vista, 7 and beta tested on Win 8.

In addition to C & C++ with v6.2 NetSim programming exercises now support Java based user codes.

Easier coding – More API’s and simpler debug

Several API’s have been added  in the standard version. These include RIP’s Distance Vector algorithm, Periodic, Expiration and Garbage Timers and OSPF’s Hello Packets, LSA Packets, Designated Router Selection, LSDB Formation and Djikstra’s Algorithm

All codes now take install directory and windows temp folder as Command line arguments and NetSim programming exercises now allow you put break points in your code and de-bug in runtime

TETCOS releases NetSim ver 6

TETCOS is happy to announce the latest release of Network Simulation Software, NetSim ver 6, which comes with several new and exciting features –

1. New Protocols: Wireless Sensor Network, Zigbee, CDMA and GSM

2. Sample Projects: Over 50 sample projects with C source code are available based on international papers. These serve as a guide for students to complete their term projects using NetSim.

3. Simulation API’s: NetSim features a set of library functions of carefully designed protocol primtives which serve as the protocol and simulation API’s. These library functions come with source code, can be called into the development environment and linked to run the protocol. Examples of library functions available in WSN include route formation, route reply, route error, slotted and unslotted CSMA, GTS, CCA, super frame formation, beacon transmission, phy layer and agent models.

4. Programming Language: NetSim’s development environment and primitive API’s are designed for users to write their codes in C. Users need not learn scripting languages, C ++, Java etc

5. Debugging Capability: A simulation can be started and then at user determined break points in the code users can perform debug using single-step, step-over, step-out and continue etc. This can be carried out at various abstraction levels, based on where the user code links, including at a per-packet level

Currently, NetSim is being actively used in over 250 institutions across the world and is featured with the book Computer Networks and Internets, V Edition, by Dr. Douglas Comer of Purdue University.