Saastra University Leverages NetSim for Research on Securing Femtocells

Femtocells have been proposed as solution for high-speed mobile network (i.e. LTE) bandwidth requirements. In this paper, researchers try to identify and mitigate a possible attack in femtocells where locational information about a femtocell user is disclosed


Developing the Multihop Algorithm for privacy: An algorithm is to be developed to provide privacy to the sender which would require no additional hardware.

Simulating and Analyzing the algorithm: This algorithm should then be implemented into the device code, simulated and analyzed for performance.

Use Case

Developing custom code: Source C files, Cellular.c, GSM.c, Handover.c and GSM_Channel.c of NetSim’s GSM library were modified . These codes were linked and debugged using NetSim’s project work environment.

Modeling network configurations: Custom network configurations were created using NetSim’s XML based network configuration files. Alcatel Lucent home cell v2 was modeled with a radius of 25 meters and with 15 users.

Generating performance metrics: Packet and event traces were used for calculating the sought network performance metrics namely, Average Number of Reflections, and Average Time Spent in Femto Cell.


Statistically analyzing performance: Since the trade off of the algorithm was increased delay, this was studied and found to be approx 50 ms, which could be afforded by the network architecture
“We chose NetSim given its extensive R & D capabilities in MANETs, WSNs, Cognitive Radio Networks and Cellular networks. NetSim has an easy to use UI for creating scenarios and modeling protocol & device parameters. The protocol library source codes are written in C and easily understandable. NetSim’s product features and quick support from their technical team makes it easier to simulate complex networking protocols which results in publishing quality research articles”
Dr.V.S.Shankar Sriram,
SAASTRA University, Thanjavur
The published research paper is available at 

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IIT Kharagpur Licenses NetSim

TETCOS is happy to announce the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur has licensed NetSim.

IIT Kharagpur’s motivation to License NetSim

IIT Kharagpur evaluated several competitive & open source network simulators available. They focused on level of end-user friendliness, product flexibility and technical support. Flexibility was important since their students wanted to write, link and de-bug customized code for project work. Direct technical support from the developer (and not the distributor), in terms of on-site support, telephone and e-mail support, from experienced developers, was paramount to IIT Kharagpur. In both these aspects, NetSim stood out in comparison to other simulators.

Perpetual Floating License

IIT Kharagpur also wanted the perpetual floating license option available with NetSim. The floating license option offers several advantages. First, the NetSim client licenses are not tied to any one computer. Second, the license server is also not tied to any server / computer but rather tied to a USB / Parallel port dongle. And finally, any number of NetSim client installations can be carried out. Only simultaneous running of NetSim clients is checked against the number of licenses purchased.

This means there is no effort required to move the license to a new computer or even move the license server & clients to a completely new lab. The perpetual license implies that there is no expiry date on the licenses and that IIT Kharagpur can upgrade NetSim to newer releases.


It has taken Tetcos eight years to get our first IIT to license NetSim. We wanted to take a moment to thank all our customers and partners for making NetSim successful.

Today, over 250 institutions now actively use NetSim, including BITS Pilani: Hyderabad Campus, Delhi Technical University (previously DCE), NIT Rourkela, NIT Jamshedpur, NIT Suratkal, NIT Surat, NIT Bhopal, NIT Kurukshetra and NIT Durgapur.