5G NR White Papers


5G NR WhitePaper Studies 1


5G NR Physical Layer

  • Gain an appreciation for the 5G NR physical layer, i.e., the time-frequency resource grid in the OFDM access scheme.
  • Understand how a packet is transmitted over this OFDM PHY in NetSim, and the assumptions involved.
  • Analytically estimate (per 3GPP standards) the application throughput for a simple use-case.
  • Simulation and analysis of throughput as different PHY parameters are varied.
5G NR WhitePaper Studies 2


5G MIMO Beamforming: MISO & SIMO

  • MIMO, MISO, and SIMO
  • The Rayleigh fading channel
  • Simulate and analyze the relation between beamforming gain and antenna count
  • Investigate how throughput varies with antenna count
5G NR WhitePaper Studies 3


5G NR (3GPP) Pathloss Models

  • Simulate path loss variation with the distance between the UE and the gNB
  • Analyze the impact of LOS and NLOS states on path loss
  • Investigate path loss variation with gNB height. What is the optimal height of a gNB?